My love to you….

I am so happy about creating this new site!  I had a sweet site up for years but it was too broad in scope,  had my art work and grandkids and everything on it, and  it was expensive,   so then i had someone else make me a site for the Mystery School teachings, but the format didn’t ring true for me, I never even published it…  so NOW,  I’ve felt inspired to do this new site myself, using the blog and pages format together.

It will put Jeshua’s amazing Apprenticeship course out to a much wider field, and combine it with my own insights and experiences living the truth of my own divinity, as Jeshua taught me.  In these posts, I will share my own awakening journey, as well as transcripts from the many sessions I have enjoyed with Lesley over the years since my own Apprenticeship with Him.

They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  That was certainly true for me…  In 2005, I was in my second year of Chaplaincy training at the local hospital, planning on a traditional seminary school and future in the Episcopal church, longing to know and serve God with every fiber of my being — when— Jeshua came into my life and everything changed.  This was a shock – of the most amazing kind- for me.  I knew Jesus, i thought, and loved him deeply, but when I heard about a channeled course offered by Jeshua, I was boggled.

Would Jesus speak through a channel? After 2,000 years what would he say???  this may sound silly now that we have become much more accustomed to the idea of channeled messages, even from such a luminary as Jeshua, or Jesus (such as my friend John Smallman’s messages) but back then, for me, this was a RADICAL notion, and not a little scary. (My priest at the time scoffed, and that was a whole ‘nother lesson!)

I Thank God “and all my lucky stars” for a conversation with my heart sister Titia who had just enrolled herself in the course that Lesley was offering. I said it sounded amazing but i didn’t think I could afford it.  She offered to pay for me.  I was floored.  I melted all over the floor.  I wept with gratitude that anyone not a blood relative would offer me such a huge gift.  It was the sign I needed to realize that this was meant to be…   Much later I realized that our higher selves had planned it all with Jeshua to make sure that I would have no practical excuse to refuse.  Of course, it had to be my choice, and I had to be open.  My prayer all my life was consistently, through all my wild and wooly career as a human, that if I ever met Jesus on the road, that I would recognize Him.   Thank my angels and “all the powers that be” — I did.

This was the first of many miracles, which I will share here over time.  All the experiences and learning that flowed from this one choice will take me a long time to write down; I’ll have to do it little by little,  but it is absolutely thrilling to begin… and to realize… WOW — I’m no longer afraid to tell my truth!!!!!

In the spirit of love,  Jennifer

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