roseWelcome! and Namaste …

Through The Rose is a Ministry of spiritual transformation, a Mystery School of self-discovery and multi-dimensional shift!  Through this site and blog we are here to offer spiritual guidance and ascension support to all seekers on our beautiful Mother Earth.

Through The Rose Mystery School, begun by Rev. Jennifer Donaldson, in 2007,  formally offers a series of courses in spiritual evolution, ascension and empowerment for the New Earth, based on teachings from the Ascended Masters, specifically Jeshua and Mary Magdalen.  Through healing duality and our cellular lineage, we are assisted to our greatest spiritual freedom and fulfillment, in other words, to enlightenment!

This site also offers transcriptions of channeled sessions from personal conversations with Jeshua, Mary and others, through years of Apprenticeship, on many many topics of spiritual interest,  which we hope will add to the general planetary light quotient. 🙂  The actual sessions took place between 2005 and 2012, with Lesley Michaels as the channel.  In addition, Jennifer’s own channeling appears on our blog  “Channeling Grace: Guidance for the Shift” at  http://channelingrace.wordpress.com

Our name “Through The Rose” a-rose out of a life-long personal spiritual process, in images and inner knowings.  It refers to entering our own heart center to find our divinity, our wisdom, our peace, and our joy.  As Jesus said: “The kingdom of God is within you.”  The Rose, as the symbol of the Divine Feminine, has for many centuries stood for both Mother Mary, and also Mary Magdalen.

The wild rose – having five petals, corresponds to the very ancient earth-based symbol of Divinity – the five pointed star.  Entering “Through The Rose” will lead to our own inner wisdom which lights the way to creating a more loving, peaceful and joyful community on our beloved Gaia.

Blessings and LOVE,   Jennifer

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