Journeys: The Guided Path

I.  Jeshua’s Apprenticeship Course : An Ascension Path

The Apprenticeship is a guided spiritual journey with Ascended Master Jeshua and Jennifer.  It covers aspects of our innate divinity, essential understanding for awakening seekers during these emerging times.

To assist our awakening, Jeshua designed this series of twelve teachings to be integrated over a period of a year.  My year was 2005-2006. This course led me to my own love and wisdom, to a place of wondrous fulfillment. In 2008 I became certified to teach, and with a profound sense of gratitude and a desire to share all that I have learned,  I now offer these same lessons personally to any individuals who are longing for self-understanding, curious about metaphysical subjects, and ready for spiritual growth.

“Through these personal instructions,” [as Jeshua explains] “you will be assisted and guided to achieve your consciousness’ and thereby your soul’s highest degree of completion. You will be assisted in re-embracing your Divine self.”

“Just as the people of the planet reached times of potential ascension in both Lemuria, and Atlantis, the opportunity to make that soul leap is again before you… This is a mastery walk that will speak to those who have been preparing for long years and are now ready for the great settling into the Divine.”  (From Jeshua’s Invitation, sent upon request.)

A student of The Apprenticeship is normally guided through their monthly session individually – either in person or remotely through Zoom.  Individual sessions are usually one hour long, and of course, offer the greatest personal attention.

The Apprenticeship is also offered to small groups of students either at my home on the coast of Maine, or through a small intimate Zoom webinar. Each session is 90 minutes and tuition includes materials for sensory exercises, for total-body learning.  Supplemental transcriptions are included each month to expand and illustrate the concepts presented.  Graduation celebrations in the past have culminated in a weekend retreat on the ocean.  After Jeshua’s Apprenticeship many students elect to continue on with the five additional sessions of Mary Magdalen’s Apprenticeship (see below).

Throughout our year-long learning experience together, Jeshua will be over-lighting the transmission of his teachings. His continued guidance of The Apprenticeship program is a huge blessing, that will be felt on many levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In accepting this invitation, we will be co-creating healing, both personal and planetary. During the integration period after each session, Jennifer will be available by phone or Skype to support, encourage, clarify and extend your learning.

If you feel you are interested in the Apprenticeship it is recommended that you sit quietly, breathe, go into your heart and ask: “Is this for me?” and if your heart says: “Yes!”  then please contact us and we will begin your Apprenticeship to Divinity.

Tuition is offered at the original cost of $1200. It is a sacred symbol of your commitment to your own soul’s journey through the twelve months. We welcome any questions you might have about this extraordinary offering, so please don’t hesitate to ask.


Blessings on your journey!
Namaste ~ I salute the Divine within you…
In Love and Light,  Jennifer + Jeshua

Rev. Jennifer Donaldson

(207) 219-9543

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