Mary’s Apprenticeship

Mary’s Apprenticeship  ~ A Sequel to Jeshua’s Course

What Is It?

Mary Magdalen

Mary Magdalen

~   A series of five personal /or group sessions, subsequent to  Jeshua’s Apprenticeship to Awakening Divinity.

~  Teachings created by, and guided by, Mary Magdalen from the Ascended Realms, a rare precious offering.

~   Designed to heal the lineage patterns inherited in our DNA which hinder enjoyment of our greatest potential.

What To Expect:

~   An individual session lasting an hour and a half, scheduled at your convenience, usually once a month,   led by Jennifer & over-lighted by Mary Magdalen.

~  If taken in a small group of 2-4 participants, the session may last 2 hours or more to allow for full participation.

~   A written outline of each class, and a recording  (offered on the Zoom platform).

~   Precise exercises for you to play with and expand consciously between classes.

~  phone check-in or personal guidance offered between sessions, with Jennifer.

~   A more vivid connection to the cellular levels of your physical body, which contain memory and DNA patterning.

~   A profound energetic healing for your self, your parents, grandparents and your entire ancestral line.

~   Greater peace, self -love and compassion leading to more joyous personal freedom.

Tuition:   $800.   A small group rate of  $500 may apply for 2 or more who take the 5 classes together in person or on Zoom.

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