From Brenda, student of  Jeshua’s Apprenticeship and Mary’s Class.

“Jennifer is a gifted teacher…..facilitator, and an inspiration to us all.
Deciding to take the  apprenticeship with Jennifer was the best decision I have made in my life.  Nothing has moved me more, or taught me more about myself and inclusiveness, and also how to move positively through this ever-changing world.”


From Romie, one of my first students:

“Rev. Jennifer is a kind gentle powerful intuitive  masterteacher!!  Her easy laugh, deep compassion and passion for Jeshua, Mary and these lessons creates the most fertile invitation to her students to grow and expand into who they truly are.

While her student, I was consistently amazed at her abundant gifts to share these profound channelled teachings with the greatest energy of love and care.

The ‘work’ truly felt like play! These teachings are life altering in their innate wisdom and practical guidance. As one of her first students, I feel completely blessed to have been in Jennifer’s grace, boundless enthusiasm, and true mastery. The experience was extraordinary!

If you are yearning for growth and connection to the Divine, you have found your teacher, guide, mentor in Rev. Jennifer Donaldson- what a glorious synchronicity and blessing that at this very moment you have been led to her! ❤”

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