This is the beginning of the transcriptions that I will share through this site, that are from channeled phone sessions I had with Lesley from 2005-2012.  I hope they will be inspiring for each one who reads them, as they are filled with love…


Channeled from Mary Magdalen to Jennifer Donaldson, by Lesley A. Michaels 2006

Mary Magdalen

Mary Magdalen

Q: Tell me why it is that we say that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”?

MM:  “Ah. very good question. Because in fact it is that as you look into another’s eyes, to the degree that your veils are removed and to the degree that they are able to be fully present with themselves, it is the eyes through which you can connect to another’s divinity, another’s duality, all of the facets of another, the history of another, the awareness of another.

You have noticed at different times individual’s eyes change with their moods, change in an instant. This is the shift from divinity to duality, or from duality to divinity. This is the shift from this facet to another, from another facet to even a third, a sixth or an eighth facet. The eyes are the ways that you can see into all that has ever been represented as another in their own presence.

If you were to stand in front of a mirror, allow your eyes to grow blurry, in the way that they do when they are almost- but not quite- crossed, you would begin to see images of other faces come out – the energy of other faces – come out in your face. These are the faces of who you have been in other lifetimes. Play with this and you will see and come to understand why the eyes are the windows to the soul.”

Q: Tell me, do you have eyes?

MM: “I do not need them. I did of course when I was on the physical realm. But the eyes are the way that you connect to all the energy that you are in the physical realm. You have trained yourselves to believe that you are separate. but you are NOT separate. And the eyes are the windows that allow you to realize that you are not separate. And as you progress forward in the movements of ascension and the movements of further release of the veils, as you look to another’s eyes, you are not going to have to study or allow your eyes to go blurry, it is going to be a spontaneous recognition that each of you are going to have of the different way in which you have known each other in a different lifetime, or the energy that that one is carrying in that specific moment.”

Q: You don’t need that where you are now? Just being energy, just being light– you have all that information without looking into eyes?

MM: “Correct. You see, without the physical form we can feel each other in entirety. To a degree the physical form is a mask, something you hide behind. Our energy flows and is all connected, in all spaces. and this is what you are coming to learn to experience. Because there is a way to experience this within physicality. But until you were ready, you gave yourselves these physical forms that would allow you the perception of separateness, to allow yourselves to feel that you were in a protected state, that you had a shell to hide within. Now you are becoming ready to no longer hide within these shells, within these coverings, within these cocoons, you see?”

Q: I’m just in awe with this. I’m playing with the idea of what it would be like to express a smile, or nuances of feeling; for example, the way you express support, is kind of wonderful to me. I feel it as energy.

     2.  Transcription:  OFF-WORLD BEINGS

[from a session with Mary Magdalen, Sept. 2006.]

Q:  Could you tell me something about Off-World Beings?

MM: “Yes.”

Q:  I have heard some about Sirians, Arcturians and Plieadians, but I don’t have much conscious knowledge. Is there anything you can share with me that would be helpful to me?

MM:  “What is helpful for you to know at this point is that the ones you have specifically named are beings who are working in great diligence with each of you and with the planet herself, working in great diligence to bring forward the understanding of who you are. For instance, the Pleiadians are very advanced beings who are on your planet, present, and in presence with you every day of your existence, it is simply that you do not see them because they travel in a 5th/6th dimensional sphere. But because of the fact that they travel in a 5th/6th dimensional sphere – but from a place of enlightenment – they also have the ability to present themselves in a 4th dimensional sphere, which allows you to see them, to be present with them and to interact with them, and to take lessons from them as you proceed forward in your various different expressions and activities. The Sirians are still carrying a little more aggression than the Pleiadians – who are completely at peace, but they are still evolved beings, and it is that they bring much knowledge of you together. And the Arcturians too are very wise, but it is the Pleiadians that have the number one influence and interaction with you as you are moving through this world.”

[To Be Continued…]

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